History of the HELENENHOF

This house was built in 1883 by my great-grandparents. After their death, my grandparents, Willy and Helene Schultz, took over. While my grandfather ran the farm, my grandmother was in charge of the inn.

By her dedicated struggle »Gasthof Willy Schultz«became well-known far beyond Tietzow.

Even from far-away Berlin, hunting tenants came in their horse carriages to stay overnight at the inn and to hunt in the surrounding woods. After the end of the hunt, the kill was cut and packed for transport to Berlin in the »Gasthof Willy Schultz« yard.

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As the modest quest rooms became insufficient, the hall with the stage was built in order to make the celebration of weddings and other big events possible. Jugglers, tumblers, clowns and other strolling artists took advantage of the chance to perform on the stage of the hall. My grandmother contacted Berlin theater groups to encourage them to come to Tietzow. Movies were shown in the hall and the »Gasthof Willy Schultz« developed into a cultural meeting point fpr the people and those from the surrounding villages. At night, gentlemen met playing billards and talking politics, discussing issues important to the social problems.

Division of Germany

Following World War II things changed for the worse. After my grandfather had passed away, my grandmother had to give up her apartment in the front part of the house in favor of the Object Manager of the »Konsum-Gaststätte« (socialized restaurant) and was assigned a small room next to the laundry wash house. In spite of this almost inhumane accomodation my grandmother vehemently refused to leave her property. After her death in 1966 my father inherited the house. As he lived in West Germany he had to sign an administering contract with »Kommunale Wohnungsverwaltung« (an East-German government company in charge of all property in non East-German ownership. These owners could not make any use of their property). As my father did not want to lose his parent's home he travelled to Tietzow once a year on an entry visa. Although these tripswere often connected with shaking and inferiorating experinces my father repeated them every year.

After the Fall of the Berlin Wall

When the wall came down in Nov. 1989 it was my father's greatest desire to reactivate the inn. With the support of the Department of Economy of the Brandenburg state government in Potsdam, I took the risk to redevelop the totally run down and decayed building, also contributing my share for »Aufbau Ost« (Reconstruction East). I feel that in this way the courageous withstanding of my grandmother »Helene« and the never-ending efforts of my father receive their true significance.


Maria Schuppan


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