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Soups & Salads



Seasonal small mixed salad

4,70 €



locally grown and freshly collected in Tietzow

in slices, topped with pumkin seed oil

and roasted pumkin seeds

6,25 €


Large mixed salad

to your choice with slices of egg and boiled ham

or tuna, onion rings and slices of egg

served with a herb baguette

13,75 €


 Country-style vegetable soup

4,00 €


 „Local-Style Fish Soup from the Linum Area,

served on a Warmer“

rounded up with fish, fresh pepper strips,

aromatic dill and a drop of Pernod liquor

6,20 €


„Havelland-Style Crayfish Soup“

 served on a Warmer

with crayfish meat and a shot of brandy

topped with cream and a fresh dill twig

6,85 €




Local - style fish fillet typical of the"Zippelsförder area in Brandenburg"

freshly smoke-dried

served with creamed horseradish

French sticks and butter

12,85 €



with cubed salmon, tomatoes,

onions and olives

topped with shaved Parmesan

14,85 €


 Fillets of Freshly Caught Trout

from Zippelsförde,

baked gold-brown in almond butter,

served with sautéed parsley potatoes

and a small mixed salad

with raspberry dressing

18,45 €


Pike-Perch Fillets

baked in butter

side by Sauerkraut

with slices of pears in sour cream

and small fried potato patties

20.95 €




Specialties of the House






Porc cutlet

served with roasted potatoes

14,00 €


„Havelland baked cucumber“

with small meat balls

served with boiled potatoes

14,45 €


„Crusty roasted duck“

by white cabbage with apples and dried grapes

in heavy sour cream sauce

served with parsley potatoes

18,85 €


Pear cream

with choicolate sauce

4,45 €


Hot apple strudel

with vanilla sauce

5,90 €


"Pear fan HELENE"

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

on waffles

with chocolate sauce

topped with a pear fan

6,40 €


Fritters of Havelland pears

with poppy seed ice cream

topped with advocaat cream

9,85 €




                               Vegetarian Food                                           Ice specialties






Giant Mushrooms-Heads

from freshly collected Champignonc

locally grown in Tietzow

filled with spinach leaves

and topped with cheese au gratin

11,75 €



Deep-Fried Mushroom Heads

from freshly collected  champignons

locally grown in Tietzow

served with a spicy green sauce, baked parsley

and roasted baguette-type rolls

11,75 €









Multicolored children´s cup

2 scoops ice cream with a funny, colorful garnish

3,25 €


1 scoop vanilla ice cream

topped with rspberry-sauce and cream

4,75 €

 "Peach variation"

2 scoops of yoghurt peach ice cream

with slices of peaches

topped with cream and burnt almonds

8,95 €


"Various of nuts ice crams"

apiece scoot of hazelnut, walnut and nanilla ice cream

mixed with burnt almonds and hazelnuts in peaces

topped with cream and almond sauce

9,45 €


Iced coffee or iced chocolate

with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

cream and chocolate cracknels

6,55 €


1 scoop of ice cream 1,50 €

cream portion large 1,70 € / small 1,15 €






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